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We are proud of both our college educated installers, their eye for detail, and their commitment to quality and integrity. We consistently hear complements from our clients on the work ethic and friendliness of our employees. Clear Water Gutter always strives to use the best metals and top of the line materials on every job. Compromise is not an option

Our Services Include

Gutter Downspout Drains

Roof water is the number one culprit for most drainage problems. Seamless gutters can help to catch roof water and bring it gently to the ground, preventing erosion and many other problems. However, the only downside is when the gutters bring the roof water to 5 or 6 downspout locations, it can cause flooding problems on those areas of your lawn. If I were to tell you that 1” of rain, on a 2000 square foot home, equals 1500 gallons of water shed, you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. That’s why at Clear Water Drainage, we always recommend gutters, but to also tie those downspouts into a drainage system. This will take that roof water away from the house, to an area where the water can easily flow away.

Leaf Guards or Leaf Protection

Trees can be helpful to homes in many ways but for gutters they can be the enemy. At Clear Water we do not believe you should have to pay $25 per foot for leaf guards, which is what some of the franchise leaf guard companies charge. We provide leaf guard products that work and are affordable. We install permanent leaf guards that fasten to your gutters, which in many cases, will need little to NO maintenance. Without leaf guards, gutters can clog, filling up with leaves and water, which damages your gutter and home. We at Clear Water feel that this protection is vital, to the longevity of your gutters, and can give you this option on your free gutter estimate.

Gutter Materials

Clear Water Gutter purchases all gutter material from Senox. Senox is an American company who puts a 50 year factory baked paint job on all coil, downspouts, screws and mitres. Unfortunately this is not the case with other companies that are out there. Thin metals, poor paint jobs and the spray painting of certain colors can be seen by some contractors not purchasing from Senox. When Clear Water made the change to Senox, from another local supplier many years ago, the thickness in the metal was immediately noticed. The quality in the rest of the materials was evident. We spend a little more for better materials because our goal is for your gutters to be a long term success and a great investment for you. You may also visit to learn more about the materials we use. Also to see the color options you have, for your gutters.

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Clear Water Seamless Gutters

1038 Chandler Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32221
Phone: (904) 880-3800

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